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" Rules of Conduct "

The Following are the RULES OF CONDUCT for the team.
Please note the published list is considered current, but may change at any time.


1. Personal conduct : Any and all comments made in Forums, Chats, Facebook, or anywhere else should be made with respect. At no time should you take it upon yourself to speak for the team (unless approved by leadership) in a way that negatively reflects upon SDR either directly or indirectly. This is unacceptable and will lead to disciplinary actions. So, please make sure your actions reflect well upon yourself and SDR.

Trolling, for example, will NOT BE TOLERATED.
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Trolling, is the verb from of the word troll... and means "doing" that basically.

2. This team was developed to help newcomers learn the basics and grow into great racers, where hopefully they share their knowledge to the next group of newcomers. Well we now have a team of great racers and newcomers so please do not bash on someone for not knowing what you may consider simple, or complain that they ask too many questions. Instead, point them in the right direction to learn.

With that being said No one should “expect” the answer to be given outright all the time; they should rather expect to be shown “how” to find the answer etc.

We are not here to just give out tunes, we want people to understand what they are doing, and how to do it on their own. So, please do not merely ask for a tune outright. (many are provided as is) but, ask for advice on how to tune.

For example if you are having trouble with wheel spin on the AM One-77 on the launch, ask about how to remedy that. Don’t post: I need a tune for my AM One-77. Someone who is familiar with that car should offer their opinion; and usually more than one person will share their thoughts.

This is how we have become a top notch team!

3. FORUM Code of Conduct: If you have a problem with “driver X” tell driver X … not everybody and their brother. If you do not feel comfortable talking with driver X, let one of the leaders know and we can moderate and help solve the problems as best as we can. Everyone should remember this is a racing game, and by nature there will be higher levels of competitive nature and feelings may get hurt from time to time. It’s going to happen…expect it, and be prepared to deal with it maturely. Utilize the PM system for problems that don’t need to be public.

4. TEAM TUNES : Please DO NOT SHARE TEAM TUNES! Please consider all tunes provided in this forum to be private and not to be shared. If you are looking to post a video or something of that nature and want to use one of our tunes, please talk to one of the leaders first to have it cleared. NO CURRENT WORLD RECORD TUNES will be made public at any time while that record is current.

5. HOF RUNNING : When racing in Pro League, please show respect to those members pushing for HOF status. If Member X is above 4800, a loss hurts. Above 4900, a loss really hurts. Above 4950 a loss sets you WAY back. So, if you are in a race, and notice a teammate above 4800 with a higher ranking than you (or you already have HOF status) please do not try to beat them. Either run a slower time, or withdraw from the race completely. We do NOT want to knock each other out of HOF status. Otherwise, race hard! You can check racer HOF statuses in the HOF section. CLICK HERE --> HALL OF FAME

6. FORUM ACTIVTY : Having a slew of members is great; but if we are not an open and active community then there is no point in having a team. So to help make sure we have a fresh group of people who are interested in working with the team, helping others, and participating in competitions. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

A. You need to post at least 2 posts in 2 weeks, NOT simply log in.

B. Need to visit/log on at least once a week *If you are going to be away, etc for a long while please let everyone know using the Inactive section or let someone in the leadership staff know. CLICK HERE INACTIVE

*If you do not meet these minimum guidelines you may have your access restricted or removed.

7. RECRUITMENT : SDR is now making the recruit challenge pass or fail. Applicants will participate in this challenge and need to meet a required time be accepted as a recruit. If current members refer someone to the site make sure it is know in the applicants post. Family and RL friends may bypass the applicant challenge and enter as a Recruit. Once accepted as a recruit it is mandatory for all recruits to participate in the recruit section. HERE RECRUIT AREA

Challenges and posts in this area will help the team to learn more about a recruit and allow leadership the ability to determine compatibility.
DO NOT just post 1000 things in general chat as post counts do not determine your acceptance or not.

FINALLY : All decisions by the leadership are final. If you have a concern with any decisions please contact the leadership team to voice your opinion.

"Respect the Amateur, Admire the Professional, Beat the Veteran."

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